Francisco Escudero 1912-2002

Basque music collection, Vol. V

Year of release: 2001.
Label: Claves
Artists: Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Arturo Tamayo; Marta Zabaleta, piano; Asier Polo, cello; Ángel Pazos, tenor; Andra Mari Choir (Conducted by José Manuel Tife)

This double CD features the music of Zaratzian composer Francisco Escudero and was released just a few months before his death. This edition, which consists of scores gathered between 1944 and 1987, reflects a unique style.

1. The dream of a dancer
2. Basque Concerto, for piano and orchestra
3. Concerto for cello and orchestra
4. Sacred Symphony
5. Joan Bautista
6. Aránzazu