Enric Granados

Goyescas and El Pelele

Year of release: 2016.
Label: La mà de Guido.
Artist: Marta Zabaleta .

In homage to the centenary of the death of Enrique Granados.

Goyescas, suite for piano
- The compliments
- Conversation at the window
- Fandango by candlelight
- Complaints, or the maiden and the nightingale
- Love and death
- Epílogo: The ghost’s serenade

El Pelele

Review from the Segarra de Gener magazine

The challenge of recording a piano work as monumental as the Goyescas suite is without doubt a difficult task, especially when the recording that is so readily available for reference is that of the great Alicia de Larrocha. However, Basque pianist Marta Zabaleta has done so in such a way that is full of insight and maturity, and which coincides with the year of Granados. Zabaleta was fortunate to study the Goyescas suite with Alicia de Larrocha, and since 2010 she has been the Director of the Marshall Academy, continuing the tradition of piano playing that originated with the composer himself. Marta succeeds in each of the works, never missing any detail. She offers a beautiful lyricism and rich legato, with a warm sound and very careful use of the pedal. Full of romantic imagination and sensuality, but also overflowing with passion and sensitivity when necessary, Zabaleta provides a true rubato and an authentic sense of rhythm that make this recording an essential purchase. An inspired and exciting Pelele culminates this wonderful, must-have disc.